At West Platte Elementary, we are committed to promoting the academic, communication, and personal development of every student. Our school counselor works together with faculty, parents, guardians and the community to plan and implement programs that help meet the needs of individual students.

We can provide individual or group counseling, classroom guidance, mediation and conflict resolution as well as work with parents to provide helpful suggestions and support for children's needs. The elementary school counselor can provide the knowledge and support that helps our students who are dealing with issues to develop positive decision-making skills, communication skills and to develop a positive attitude toward school, their classmates and to themselves.

Elementary school is a time of change and development for students and they are constantly assessing their self image and competence in relation to their peers. At West Platte, our elementary school counselor works to make your child's school experience a success. Student success depends on home and school working together to build good citizens for tomorrow.


Dee Anna Kelley
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