BATbotics Team Competed in Lawrence

BATbotics Team Competed in Lawrence
Posted on 12/20/2018
BATbotics Team Competed in LawrenceMessage from Mrs. Davenport about the BATbotics team:

On Saturday, December 15, the West Platte Elementary BATbotics team (robotics) competed in Lawrence, Kansas. Thirty six students, which made up 5 teams, had a series of tasks they had to complete during the day.

First: A problem was presented: How does the physical and psychological needs to people in space deteriorate or change during their time there? Each team researched existing information and solutions and then made a new and improved approach to fix the problem. The solution was presented in a skit and discussion.

Second: CORE values are so important in the spirit of competition and the teams not only had to make a tri-fold poster showing how they demonstrate them, but also had a surprise team challenge to complete as a team in front of judges. Each of our teams received excellent rankings and feedback in this part-very proud!

Next: They shared their programming pages with the judges, discussing successes, and failures in their coding choices for their robot.

Finally: Their robot was placed on the challenge table to use the programs they designed to complete missions.

Although no teams qualified for the next level, each team earned points in every category and excellent feedback to use next time. This competition was not about winning, it was about growing and learning, and each of the members did this spectacularly. We could not be prouder of their gracious professionalism, enthusiasm, and overall amazingness!

In the spring, we will be having a competition between groups, so be on the lookout so you can come watch and see what it is all about!