Sixth Grade Writing Assignment

Sixth Grade Writing Assignment
Posted on 12/04/2018
Sixth Grade Writing AssignmentThroughout the year, in Mr. McMahon's classroom, the sixth graders write a lot. This writing varies from reading responses to formal essays. This second semester, students have spent time on writing their informative papers. Students get to select a topic of their choice and become an expert in that area through research and collecting information.

Naturally, many students, or even people in general, have a quick go-to of Google. Although there are countless benefits behind internet research, Mr. McMahon also wants the students to see the importance and validity behind finding out information through an actual professional. This has led to a variety of different visits, Skypes, and interviews for students.

Some of these interviews include:
-an employee from NASA
-an employee from Green Dirt Farm
-an international pro basketball player
-Paul Norman- local bee keeper

Below are some pictures from Hadley Yoder's visit with Mr. Norman. Hadley is writing her informative paper on honeybees.